Friday, September 2, 2011

New stuff

 Some character from the pages of California history. A banker, I think. Just loved that self-assured grin.
 A famous singer, done in the style of Mort Drucker.
 First attempt at the unforgettable Bride of Frankenstein.
 The Golem, a character from Jewish folklore. German filmmaker Paul Wegener made a wonderful movie about the most famous Golem story, simply called The Golem.
 Humble Klaus, one of my characters, catching up on some reading.
 The Leshy, spirit of the Russian forest, in his wolf-skin coat.
 Mr. Pfefferneusse, a troublesome bureaucrat.
 A raven standing in snow.
 A hep cat jiving on the bongos.
 The Leshy again, looking goofy.
 A Transylvanian innkeeper as imagined by Hollywood. From Tod Browning's Dracula.
The Tsarevich Alexei, son of Nicholas II, the last czar of Russia.